We are a custom interior design service company in Houston, TX, specializing in stylish residential interiors. Since our establishment in 2010, our goal has been to create beautiful and timeless interiors that reflect our clients’ personalities and lifestyle.

BlackMark Design is powered by educated interior design professionals that use the latest tools and technologies to offer our clients innovative and unique interior design creations, keeping inline with the latest trends.

Need to Kick Start an Interior Design Project?

You are in the right place. We believe that “good design should tell a story”. Hence, we offer very individual, conceptual and detailed interpretations of even the most basic design tasks. With our bag of cool design tricks we can help transform your home into a fabulous haven. We look forward to working with you to create beautiful interiors that exceed your expectations.


Our client base extends beyond the Houston, Tx Area and Suburbs. If your design project is out of state, or outside the US, we can create a fully detailed custom design package and guide you through the execution.


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