Fun Wall Decals!

Wall Decals are a fun, simpleĀ  and affordable way to spice up any wall or window. They cut out the stress of hiring a painter and going through hundreds of paint swatches. The best part is that you can Do-It-Yourself (D.I.Y), since they are easy to apply and take off.

Whether you fancy inspirational words, nature, cartoon, music or just plain patterned stickers, there is a wide variety out there for you to pick from. Here are a couple of fun selections that are sure to start up a conversation.

Source: Allposters









Fun Ink Spot Decals are perfect for an office wall. They can bring some color and personality into any neutral/plain space without being childish.


Source: Acte Deco







A big, bold and cute teddy bear sticker can replace wall hangings and will not only fill up the space but can also make a child’s room more fun.


Source: Dali Decals








Mosaic Decals are an interesting new idea for back-splashes and bathroom walls.

Wall Decals look best when used on accent walls (a single wall or a niche) in a room, and when they are juxtaposed against furniture, so be careful not to over clutter your walls, and remember, “Less is More”

Happy Decorating,
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