In-Home Design Services

With our in-home design projects we take our clients on a creative journey, that includes presentations, site visits, meetings and shopping. We carefully go through every process with our clients and maintain a policy of transparency, by making sure that the whole experience as a whole is exciting, stress-free and creatively satisfying.

Here is an outline of our design process:

STEP 1: Site Survey and Project Analysis

The project needs and budget are established, and the site conditions are documented by taking measurements and photographs.

STEP 2: Schematic Design

The conceptual development of ideas is presented through creative drawings (floor plans and elevations) and/or 3d rendering, along with the color scheme, fabric samples and pictures.

3D Rendering Showing Conceptual Development

Completed Site Photo

STEP 3: Design Development

Design is finalized. Floor plans, elevations and details are completed and the budget is approved.

STEP 4: Sourcing and Ordering

Furnishings, lighting, artwork and accessories are selected and ordered.

STEP 5: Installation

Furnishings, lighting, artwork and accessories are installed. Project quality and progress is ensured by site visits.


In-Home Design Service Pricing

BlackMark Design charges clients on an hourly basis of $100/hr. Typically, our interior design service pricing goes per space/room and is broken down into 3 stages.

  1. Concept and Design Development: $1500 – $2200 (depending on the size of the space).
  2. Sourcing and Ordering: $400 – $1200 (depending on the quantity of items we prescribe in stage 1).
  3. Installation (site visits): $65/hr including travel time (will be quoted per visits needed for stage 2).

*Bathroom Remodeling Design: $1500 – $2200 (concept and design development only).
*Kitchen Remodeling Design: $2000 – $3300 (concept and design development only).

Based on experience, most similar projects fall within this range. However, these estimates are just a guide, as all projects are different.

This breakdown of pricing makes it easier for clients to request design services up to what their budget permits and execute the rest of the project themselves. Clients also get helpful tips on how to complete the project if the case.

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